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Get to know the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Vision:

People first. Anti-oppression & liberation for all: Equity requires the ability to recognize and analyze systems of inequality and the commitment to take actions against these systems, which include understanding the root causes of injustice. It is our collective understanding and commitment to eradication of these systems that we work towards these goals in both local and global contexts.

Aiming To:

Develop shared and accessible knowledge, recognize that community extends beyond and create active engagement of our local and global environments (community), Strive to provide equal and equitable opportunities for all to thrive (access), Establish public-facing communication that is clear, consistent, and self-evaluative (transparency), Create an environment cultivates sense of belonging (inclusion), Engage all people and perspectives in recognition of our collective excellent (diversity), Ensure access to opportunities for all through the removal of structural barriers (equity), Acknowledge and own progress and areas improvement to create a culture of trust and responsibility (accountability).

How We Get There:

We believe that community, access, transparency, inclusion, diversity, equity and accountability are key enabler and critical components to accomplishing our office’s vision.

How We Do it:

Critical consciousness & collaboration continues awareness of how power and privilege shape our institution and intersectional development of practices and practitioners that work towards our collective freedom.

As of  February 2021