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Equity Advancing Showcase on Education (EASE)

The Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, in partnership with the Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning, invite you to the inaugural Equity Advancing Showcase on Education (EASE) on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 from 10:30 am - 3:00 pm.


As the culminating event of a year-long multi-disciplinary learning community, the purpose of EASE is to explore a variety of topics associated with successfully supporting equity, diversity and inclusion in the classroom and other learning spaces (e.g., decolonizing pedagogy and effective teaching strategies that facilitate transformative learning for our diverse student population). The series of virtual sessions that make up EASE will draw a distinction between anti-racist pedagogy and anti-racist teaching and showcase how ideally anti-racist teaching and anti-racist pedagogy work in tandem; however, any course, regardless of subject/content, can and should employ anti-racist pedagogy. EASE will also elevate student voices and highlight their experiences of equity, diversity, and inclusion across various learning spaces during the student panel and throughout the day.




Equity Advancing Showcase on Education (EASE) 2021 Themes

Learning Invitations: Building on Purkey & Novak’s ideas about intentionally “summoning students cordially” into our learning spaces, this panel will explore strategies for building classroom community, revealing and decoding the “hidden curriculum," and language choices for essential course policies and documents (syllabi and assignments) 


Decolonized Pedagogy: Seeking ways for holding space for all cultures and knowledge systems in the curriculum and being aware that what is being taught frames the world, this panel will explore ways of reframing course CLOs, creating anti-racist course content, “flipping the classroom," helping students manage cognitive load, and identifying and leveraging students’ community cultural wealth.


Liberatory Teaching: Disrupting the “banking system” of education and practicing Freire’s  critical pedagogy, this panel will explore decentering authority (the professor as “sage on the stage”), lifting student agency, and practicing transparent teaching in a culturally responsive manner.


Non-Violent Assessment: Symbolic violence replicates dominant norms, is manifested in the power differentials between groups, and reinforced through coercive practices. This panel will explore the ways many traditional assessment practices perpetuate violence against students and will propose alternatives that celebrate student assets (not deficits). 


Schedule At-A-Glance*




10:30am-11:00am Welcome & Opening Remarks

Welcome: Dania Matos, J.D., Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer

Land & Labor Acknowledgement: Onar Primitivo

Opening Remarks: Dr. Gregg Camfield, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and Professor


Undergraduate Student Panel

Dani Gaspar, Economics Major with a Natural Science Education and Psychology Minor

Thea Sarino, Psychology Major and Public Health Minor

Gisselle Reyes, Public Health Major

Mary Eloise Fernandez, Biology Major with Emphasis on Immunology and Microbiology

Robert Garcia, Sociology Major

12:00pm-12:20pm                                                                         20-Minute Break
12:20pm-12:30pm Panel Overview

Eileen Camfield, Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning and Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies Department

Sam Ocena, Merrit Writing Program

12:30pm-1:00pm Panel #1: Learning Invitations

Donald Barclay, Library

Adam Fleenor, Interdisciplinary Humanities

Amanda Mireles, Sociology

Sue Varnot, Merritt Writing Program

Leila Wahab, Environmental Systems

1:00pm-1:30pm Panel #2: Decolonized Curriculum

Tawanda Chabikwa, Dance and African Studies

Alejandro Gutiérrez, Engineering

Bay VanWagenen, Merritt Writing Program

Angela Winek, Merritt Writing Program

1:30pm-1:40pm                                                                         10-Minute Break
1:40pm-2:10pm Panel #3: Liberatory Teachings

Danielle Bermudez, Interdisciplinary Humanities

Carrie Menke, Physics

Muey Saeteurn, CRES/History

Yiran Xu, Writing Studies

2:10pm-2:40pm Panel #4: Non-Violent Assessment

Michelle Greenwood, General Education

Bristin Jones, Languages and Literature

Karen Linam, PALS Tutoring Coordinator

Tyler Marghetis, Cognitive Sciences

Meredith Van Natta, Sociology



Closing Conversations

A space for everyone interested to come together for further dialogue and/or questions.


Eileen Camfield, Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning and Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies Department

Sam Ocena, Merrit Writing Program


*Schedule subject to change