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Events Co-sponsored

UC Merced campus affiliated groups can request funding for diversity, inclusion and climate activities, events and initiatives. Contact De Acker for more information on how to apply for these funds.

Events/ Programs sponsored thus far include:

Fall 2017

  • Faculty Equity Advisors Retreat
  • 2-day Diversity Awareness Workshop
  • Intercultural Dialogue training
  • The Art of Inclusive Communication pilot trainings
  • Staff Climate Survey
  • Jerry Kang, Chancellor's Diversity and Interdisciplinarity Dialogue


  • W-STEM activities
  • Vagina Monologues
  • Effective Strategies for Addressing Incivility In The Classroom: A Workshop for Graduate Student Instructors and TAs

  • Riding in Cars With Black People Performance

  • Dr. Meg Urry - Understanding and Addressing STEM Inequalities 
  • Kat Blaque - Women's Programs & Women's Empowerment Conference
  • Staff and Faculty of Color Affinity Group Meetings
  • Social Justice Dialogues
  • Talking Circles
  • Rainbow Lunch Series

FALL 2016

  • Staff and Faculty of Color Affinity Group Organizational meetings 
  • Students to participate in the Students of Color Conference (November)
  • Trigger Warnings Webinar


  • Graduate Student focus groups
  • May, 2016: Lavender Graduation

FALL 2015

  • December, 2015: African American student focus groups
  • November, 2015: Unit 18 Lecturers focus group
  • October, 2015: LGBTQ+ social