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Academic Personnel Office Diversity

The mission of the Academic Personnel Office (APO) is to support UC Merced's success by facilitating the recruitment, appointment, advancement and retention of the most qualified and diverse faculty members, instructors and research personnel. APO is responsible for the provision of guidance, training, analysis and interpretation of university and campus academic personnel policies and procedures, implementing appropriate safeguards and ensuring adherence to affirmative action principles and other university, state and federal regulations.

Academic Senate Diversity and Equity Committee

The membership and authority of the Academic Senate is established by The Standing Orders of the Regents, which defines a system of shared governance between the Academic Senate and the administration in the management and operation of the University of California.

CARE Office

UC Merced is committed to creating a space free from the threat of violence. Violence and the fear of violence interfere with the university community.

The CARE Office (formerly called the Violence Prevention Program) provides response to and education about gender-based violence, including sexual violence, domestic/dating violence and stalking. The CARE Office serves all individuals affiliated with UC Merced including students, staff and faculty members.

Center for Humanities

The UC Merced Center for the Humanities fosters individual and collaborative research in the humanities and allied fields. Faculty, students, artists and visitors affiliated with the Center study human experiences and human consciousness around the world and throughout time, focusing on topics that range from the search for beauty to the quest for power.

Conflict Resolution Resources

Resource and referral options for conflict resolution for students, staff and faculty.

Ethics, Compliance, Audit and Risk

The Office of Ethics, Compliance, Audit and Risk provides education, guidance, and resources to support the campus in creating, promoting and maintaining an ethical, compliant, safe, and fair learning and working environment.

Graduate Division Diversity and Inclusion

UC Merced is dedicated to actively recruiting and retaining a graduate student body that brings together individuals from various backgrounds and life experiences. Diversity among students, faculty and staff is critical to the educational and research enterprises of our university, which rely on a wide range of perspectives to nurture innovation and creativity.  Diversity promotes intellectual and social communities that support and enrich all members of the campus. We welcome everyone who aspires to contribute to higher education and the advancement of knowledge.

Lactation Accommodation

The university is committed to promoting a family-friendly work environment by providing programs and services to help employees achieve success at work and in their personal lives. To that effect, employees and management are encouraged to be accepting of nursing mothers, and departments will provide locations and reasonable amounts of time to accommodate lactation needs pursuant to state laws.

Legal Affairs (Free Speech Website)

The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs is to work collaboratively with our campus clients to advance the university’s mission through problem solving, skilled advice, vigorous advocacy and effective, proactive counsel. Our goal is to be recognized for our expertise and commitment to our clients’ objectives. We are dedicated to delivering quality, timely and responsive solutions to the UC Merced campus.

LGBTQ+ Initiatives

LGBTQ+ Initiatives, within the Office of Student Life, affirms the unique lives and identities of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two-spirit, queer, questioning, asexual, intersex, pansexual, omnisexual, same-gender-loving people and allied students, faculty and staff. We encourage a supportive environment by providing education, outreach, programming, program support, consultation, community development, visibility, training, mentoring and advocacy opportunities that assist our LGBTQ+ and allied students, faculty and staff to achieve personal and academic excellence. Further, we encourage intercultural communication, constructive interaction and mutual understanding to improve the overall campus climate.

Social Justice Initiatives

With a focus on social justice, personal and community development, cultural awareness and advocacy, Social Justice Programs seeks to cultivate and develop an inclusive environment where students are aware of local, national and global issues and are equipped and prepared to thrive in a diverse global society.

Staff and Faculty of Color Association

The Staff and Faculty of Color Association at UC Merced (SFCA) provides opportunities for members to develop a sense of community and strengthen their professional and social networks.  Memberships are prioritized to staff (excluding student staff members) and faculty members who identify as People of Color (people from historically marginalized backgrounds).  The goal of the group is to empower staff and faculty to engage in conversation about campus climate issues and to foster professional development.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services at UC Merced exists to ensure the institution has a mechanism for students, staff and faculty members to provide equal access to education for students living with disabilities. UC Merced Accommodation Management Services provides services to all employees in need of reasonable accommodations for health conditions or religious belief in order to perform the essential functions of their jobs.

Undocumented Graduate Students Handbook

The University of California, Merced strives to provide the best possible training and resources for all of our graduate students. We know that our undocumented students may have questions about the availability of programs and services, and we hope this handbook will address those concerns and provide relevant information.

Undocumented Scholars

Services for Undocumented Students is committed to empowering undocumented students to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. We strive to build a community of scholars among our undocumented community at UC Merced. Through collaborations within the campus and Merced community we aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all undocumented students.

Veteran Services

Veteran Services is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for veterans, reservists and their dependents. We provide assistance in obtaining the educational benefits to which they are entitled. Veteran Services is responsible for submitting entitlement requests for new and continuing students to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, answering questions from veteran students or dependents concerning educational benefits, and providing resources and programs to assist veterans in navigating their transitions to civilian and student life.

Women's Programs

Women's Programs, within the Office of Student Life, provides opportunities for the UC Merced community to learn, grow and reinforce the leadership and well-being of women. Through a continuous examination of power, privilege and the intersections of identity, Women’s Programs establishes a network of support and advocates for the positive educational and co-curricular experiences for all members of the UC Merced community while maintaining a specific focus on gender and women.

Guidelines For Addressing Race and Gender Equity in Academic Programs in Compliance with Proposition 209

Disability Accommodations

Mental Health resources for students

Promoting Student Mental Health: A guide for UC faculty and staff

Resource and Referral Options

Sexual Violence Resource Sheet

Accessibility and Digital Security Guide

This guide will show you how to protect yourself from cybercrime and identity theft if you are hard of hearing, have vision loss, or experience trouble getting around.