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Seminar 7

Seminar #7: Towards an Equitable “Us” Society: Lessons Learned and Directions Forward

December 1st   |   1:00pm-3:30pm **Mandatory**

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Big Idea:

• The objective: a return to a "we" society (Putnam, 2021; McGhee, 2021), but this time to one that is equitable, inclusive and conscious of differences in culture, identity and power
• Focusing relatively more on structural rather than individual racism
• Addressing the root causes of racism to interrupt its reproduction in new forms
• Focusing on inputs rather than outputs (equal opportunity) and reframing the antiracist message
• Cross-racial coalition across marginalized groups
• Addressing the role of American cultural narratives of rugged/toxic individualism
• Placing guardrails on opportunity hoarding behavior


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